In Forum Mortuorum, lead your gladiator school from obscurity to glory. Employ your limited funds to recruit and equip your gladiators. Pick your matches and relax while your gladiators fight to the death for your profit. Train those that survive that they may fight again, stronger. Meet an eclectic cast of characters, expand your facilities, conquer the leagues, and become the most famed school of Rome.


Forum Mortuorum is the debut game from Vittoria Games, nom-de-plume of creator Nick Francisci. Nick works full-time as a web-developer and makes games on nights and weekends. Forum Mortuorum emerged from a history of scrapped prototypes with a simple mandate: a game that Nick could finish alone. Having endured several playtests and festivals, Forum Mortuorum is on its way to fulfilling its charter and releasing in mid-2024.


  • Deep management: Recruit, equip, and train your quirky gladiators or invest in your school's facilities to expand its capabilities. Balance your funds between planning for the next match and the next season.
  • Perma-death: Death awaits most gladiators. However, the end of a gladiator does not spell the end of the school. Soldier on and restructure your team to embrace new members and tactics.
  • Leagues across the Mediterranean: Fight your way through arenas throughout the ancient Roman empire - Egypt to Britannia - as you advance up the ladder to fight before the emperor himself.
  • An Eclectic Cast: Meet not only fight promoters and rival school leaders, but also mysterious entities who will introduce new challenges and goals to the arena. Among them: the inhuman alchemist, the noble patron, the foreign zoologist, the itinerant merchant, and the dubious taxidermist
  • Head-to-Head Combat: Literally. Gladiators are represented by their busts in the arena as they fight it out!





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Vittoria Games is the nom-de-plume of creator Nick Francisci. Nick works full-time as a web-developer and makes games on nights and weekends, aiming to combine his software engineering training and artistic streak into games he'd love to play.
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